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Free Woodworking Demo- Installing Drawer Slides Using a KREG Installation Jig

Bandsaw Tune-Up

SATURDAY, AUGUST 13, 1PM — We’ll show you how to give your saw a thorough once-over to ensure that the parts are all in good operating order. And we’ll go over how to fix common problems and quickly dance through the steps involved in changing blades.

Free Woodworking Demonstration - Learning about various wood types, working with wood and safety in the shop.

Dust Collection

SATURDAY, AUGUST 20, 1PM — Sawdust may smell nice, but it can be harmful to your health. Learn the importance of proper dust collection in your shop. We’ll discuss proper placement of dust  collectors and air cleaners. We will also concentrate on how using the multitude of available fittings works to maximize efficiencies. 

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