The all new MagFitt™ system takes the pain out of switching dust collection between machines. Order yours now to ensure next availability!

  • MagFitt Step 1 - attach magnetic coupling to your power tools.

    Step 1

    Attach a MagFitt™ Magnetic Coupling to each machine in your workshop. Utilize the built-in dust exhaust ports present in most modern power tools. Magnetic Couplings are available in both 2-1/2" and 4" sizes, as well as a 4" to 2-1/2" connector. 

  • MagFitt Step 2: Add Magnetic Connector to the hose going to your dust collector.

    Step 2

    Enhance your dust collector by adding a MagFitt™ Magnetic Hose Connector to its 4" or 2-1/2" intake hose. Hose Connectors are, of course, available in both 4" and 2-1/2" sizes.

  • MagFitt Step 3: Establish the Magnetic Connection - and it's ready!

    Step 3

    The magnetic connection between your machine and dust collector is made and ready to use! You can effortlessly move the dust connection between machines in your workshop without the need for any tools.

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MagFitt™ Magnetic Dust Collection System

Diagram - how to setup the MagFitt™ Dust Collection System.

MagFitt™: Effortless Dust Collection for Your Workshop

Establishing a clutter-free and healthy woodworking workshop environment is crucial. The lack of an efficient dust collection system can greatly impact your health. From the debris from wood chips to fine dust particles that can hang in the air for hours, a dust collection system is needed not only for cleanliness of your shop but also for the long-term health of your eyes and lungs.

Introducing the MagFitt™ Magnetic Dust Collection System, a series of revolutionary magnetic couplings and connectors developed by Woodcraft. MagFitt is flexible and efficient—and fast—making setting up dust collection in your shop quick and easy, as easy as 1-2-3! Install MagFitt Connectors and Couplings as illustrated below, and your workshop will remain dust-free, clean and safe. 

Ideal for Workshops of All Sizes and Layouts

For larger workshops a central dust collection system is the go-to solution. However, for smaller spaces or garage workshops with limited room for expansion, the implementation of a traditional dust collection system can be challenging and costly. The MagFitt System steps in as the ideal alternative, eliminating the need to run dedicated duct work, blast gates and hoses from a central collector to all of your tools. 

Once the MagFitt components are installed, setting up dust collection for a power tool is incredibly easy. When your work takes you to another tool, simply move the MagFitt Connector, attached to your dust collector, to the MagFitt Coupling attached to that tool, and so on. Ensuring that your shop has an efficient dust collection system has never been easier. 

Learn More About Dust Collection

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Keep your shop clean, safe, and hassle-free with the MagFitt™ Magnetic Dust Collection Solution—a game-changing solution for quick and easy dust collection. 

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