Welcome to Japan Woodworker

Woodcraft is the proud new home of Japan Woodworker and its collection of imported Japanese professional quality woodworking tools and fine cutlery kits. Woodcraft carries on the tradition of providing quality Japanese wood working hand tools, including carving tools, chisels, hand saws, and planes, for those in the woodworking community who enjoy the techniques and heritage of Japanese tools.

What Makes Japanese Hand Tools Special?

There are five qualities that come to mind that set Japanese woodworking tools apart from all others. Tradition. A long, storied history harkening back centuries to Japanese sword makers of old. Design. Japanese tool design places an emphasis on both efficiency and productivity. Craftsmanship. The love and care that goes into making hand-forged steel chisels, is a thing to behold. Steel Used. Japanese tool-makers have perfected how steel is worked and tempered, impacting tool quality, durability and how well tools hold a sharp edge. Beauty. One need only look at Damascus knives or chisels to marvel at the outright beauty of these pieces.