Getting Started in Woodworking

A woodworker's garage is his/her castle.

Ok, so you've dabbled a little in making or repairing 'stuff'… and now that you're getting a bit more serious, where do you work: the basement… garage… spare bedroom? How do you fit everything you need in the space you have? What do you need besides the hand-me-downs you've collected over the years?  Do you upgrade or is what you have sufficient to get you started?

All of the answers to these questions are based on your specific wants and needs. What is your current hobby or profession?

Are you a turner? Then you need a lathe and some turning tools…
Are you a carver? Then you need hand carving tools and a reciprocating carver…
Are you remodeling a house? Then you need a reciprocating saw, a circular saw, a multi-tool, drills & drivers, planes etc…
Are you upcycling flea market and garage sale finds? Then you need a sander, a pin nailer or stapler, painting/staining supplies etc…
Are you making cabinets, furniture, shop jigs, gifts or building decks… then the combination of tools needed takes time to acquire. 

The point is, just get started and you'll get what you need when you need it!



See Kevin show step by step directions on how to make a cheese cutter. 

Get tips on how to make a custom cutting board. 

In this video Kevin shows you the basic steps to make a custom knife using products available at Woodcraft. See the process of how to build a custom knife, including using mosaic pins.
Woodcraft's Frank Byers and Chad Stanton talk about a product that can transform your old furniture or kitchen cabinets. Learn about General Finishes Java Gel. 


Learn About Woodworking Tools


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What do you need in your shop? Here are Tommy Mac's Top 10 tools 

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