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This water based, non-toxic, pleasant smelling Unicorn Spit is a great way to add a splash of color to your projects whether it be wood, metal, glass, fabric, ceramic, or something else. You can use it full strength or dilute it up to 70% water to get the look you want. Put it on like a paint, a stain, a glaze, or use it to tint your water based finished.

Chad Stanton joins us for some tips on General Finishes Java Gel. Need help refinishing old cabinets? General Finishes Gel Stains open up a world of easy-to-attain possibilities for revitalizing wood furniture, redecorating your home by changing the color of wood cabinets, furniture and floors.

Eric Gorges visits Kansas City Woodcraft to learn about Finishing Techniques

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When a refurbishing project crosses my path, I listen to what the client’s requests are. After taking inspection of the project, there comes to mind a host of questions before ever working on the item. Repairing the item based on sight or conversing with obvious questions to the owner is just the beginning of providing a solution. There are additional concerns that will help the project restoration. Understanding the connection of the piece to the client, such as what the item means to them; what the environment will be in its placement and surroundings; and attaining a clearer perception of the history, as well as the heritage of the piece; can also be important.

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Osmo has a Hardwax-Oil finish for all of your projects, and it's environmentally friendly!

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The Super Finish Max paint sprayer does it all. This paint sprayer can spray paint everything from furniture and cabinets to fences and walls, and it covers a wider array of projects with less thinning and hassle. Spray oil or water based materials such as: chalk type paint, milk paint, latex paints, enamels, primers, clear sealer, polyurethane, stain and varnish.

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