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Scott Phillips talks with the guys at System Three to learn about their epoxies and some new items coming out. Mirror Coat has been around awhile as a pourable protective top coat. They've been working on a product that is slower curing and can be poured in much larger amounts, Mirror Cast!

Chad Stanton joins us for some tips on General Finishes Java Gel. Need help refinishing old cabinets? General Finishes Gel Stains open up a world of easy-to-attain possibilities for revitalizing wood furniture, redecorating your home by changing the color of wood cabinets, furniture and floors.

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Even mismatched furniture pieces can be used together when you have a cohesive color scheme to tie them together. That’s exactly what we did for this beautiful new boutique. Sometimes all it takes is a little paint and some imagination! 

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A simple strategy for a showroom-quality finish.

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The Japanese call it shou sugi ban. It translates to “burned cypress plank,” and is a traditional approach to treating home siding in Japan. Charring the surface of the wood creates a beautiful black finish that protects not only against rot, but also insects, who evidently hate the taste. It may seem counterintuitive, but this shallow, quick burning of the wood makes it fire resistant as well. 

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