CNC Woodworking Resources

CNC Woodworking Resources

Learn More About CNC Woodworking, Carving and Engraving Techniques

CNC (short for Computer-Numeric-Controlled) machines in the past were typically relegated to larger production facilities, but these days, these versatile machines are finding a home in many a woodworker's wood shop. Once quite large, CNC wood carving machines are now available in smaller desktop or benchtop formats–and some are available with their own stands. 

What Can a CNC Woodwork Machine Do?

Woodworkers are discovering new uses for these amazing machines, including detailed (and quick!) wood carving, engraving, even laser engraving, with the addition of a laser accessory for some models. CNC machines are capable of  machining a variety of mediums, including wood, soft metals, plastics and other solid surface materials. 

Start Small, Get Bigger

CNC Machines are available for a variety of uses, and sizes, so whether you are just looking to get started in CNC woodworking, or looking to make it an integral part of your project workflow, there are machines to fit your needs. Our range of CNC carvers stretches from the Next Wave SHARK SD100 CNC Machine, with a 12" x 18" work area, to the 2' x 4' work area of the Powermatic 2x4 CNC Kit.

How to use a CNC woodworking machine.

How Will You Use Your CNC Machine? 

Whether you firmly believe in handling and shaping your project using hand tools, or love the hum and sawdust-making activity of power tools, you may find a CNC wood working machine to be a wonderful creative outlet.  The ability to easily do custom lettering, engraving, carving and even three-dimensional cutting are intriguing concepts for any woodworker! Some woodworkers describe their machines as like having another maker in the shop!

We carry CNC wood carvers from Axiom Precision, Next Wave SHARK, and Powermatic, as well as a wide variety of CNC Carving Bits, and CNC Machine Accessories

Learn more about CNC Machines in the articles, videos and product listings found below. Have questions about specs or CNC projects? Contact our Product Tech Support folks by calling 800-535-4486 or email, or get friendly expert help at your Local Woodcraft store. 

CNC Woodworking Video & Articles

Are You Ready for CNC?

Three woodworkers share their experiences in using CNC woodworking in their shops. 

Getting Started with CNC

A newbie's guide to CNC wood carving machines. 

How to Setup the SHARK SD100 CNC Machine

Go from unboxing this small but very capable CNC carver to making your first project. 

Examples of CNC woodworking laser engraving.

CNC Machine Accessories Spolight: The Laser Module

What Is Laser Engraving? 

CNC wood working machines typically only require a PC, for the control software and designing your work, and a palm router. One of the more popular accessories for a CNC machine is a laser module. 

The laser module is used as a substitute for the palm router, and its special CNC router bits, and basically ups the ante in terms of what is possible with the CNC machine–taking the engraving, lettering and reproduction of images to near-photographic levels of detail. 

See examples of CNC laser engraving at right. Explore this aspect of CNC woodworking by checking out the Next Wave Solid State 7W Laser Module Kit

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