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The Patriot Woodworker organization is asking the public to support a fundraiser that will make the Christmas holiday brighter for a severely wounded veteran of Operation Enduring Freedom and his family. Woodcraft is one of three retailers sponsoring the project.

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On this edition of Woodworking Adventures, we take a look at the life and times of Raymond Kinman. From musician to Disney Imagineer artist, our interview begins with how Ray got started in carving with no woodworking knowledge and only two tools. Ray explains his teachings and discusses a very special person who carries on his legacy. We also spend some time in Ray's shop carving, talking techniques and details. Up next on.... Woodcraft’s Woodworking Adventures.

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An attractive front entrance area gives a home curb appeal that invites both guests and potential home buyers. Upgrading a home’s exterior appearance can be as simple as painting or as involved as installing new windows or adding a patio.

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