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Helping to feed the hungry is a nationwide effort provided by many community programs and food pantries across the U.S.  One such program is the Empty Bowls Charity which began as a project by Michigan school teacher John Harton in 1990.  Harton’s students crafted ceramic bowls in their high school art classes and the finished works were used as individual serving pieces for a fundraising meal of soup and bread, where the guests kept the empty bowls.

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Woodcraftapp webquality

Woodcraft has upgraded its free mobile app to provide a more satisfying shopping experience for customers.

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Did you know that Woodcraft has a laser engraving service?

I recently visited our Woodcraft Distribution Center which is a restocking facility for the company’s retail stores and where all catalog orders are assembled and shipped. This particular visit was to interview Rob Patterson, Woodcraft Warehouse IT Specialist.

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This is Larry Bilderback of Dayton, Ohio with his side business, Bilderback Woodworks. He builds fine furniture by incorporating relief carvings into his 18th century designs. Below Larry is pictured with his Newport Rhode Island mahogany block front chest of drawers with concave and convex shell carvings.

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Holiday shopping for that beginner or experienced woodworker this year?

Are the items on your list for men, women, kids or for someone with a woodworking interest?

Do you have a woodworking enthusiast on your hands and you’re not quite sure of what to get?

Is that honey-do-list getting longer and you want it taken care of this year?

Do you need stocking stuffers?

Do you have a limited budget?

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Img 1828 adj

Mixing paint can be fun and a little addicting – and sometimes it’s just the ticket when you need that perfect color for your project. Let Woodcraft offer a few tips and tricks for getting just the shade you’re looking for.

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This is Part 3 in the making of the Recipe Box

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The first time Dwayne Ernest stepped onto a live audience stage was to show 3 examples of refurbishing projects he and his Woodcraft team built for a refurbishing contest sponsored by Sonoran Living Live and his Chandler, AZ Woodcraft Store. 

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