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When Woodcraft teamed up with Black Dog Salvage to create a new paint line, co-owners Mike Whiteside and Robert Kulp had a secret weapon – Susan “Swooz” Hudson. 

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Woodpeckers DelVe Square, now at Woodcraft, Item #132231, was developed over the years by North Carolina woodworker Tom DelVecchio.  He continually improved and added more functionality to his shop-made versions until it became the patent pending design marvel it is today.  Beginning with prototypes from a western Pennsylvania etching machinist, early designs were two part construction in one flat plane.  His initial idea was to have a tool similar to a speed square that was not cumbersome on small part usage. 

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If you are looking for a hobby that is fun and portable with little investment – think whittling! 

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These teens recognized the sacrifices of their teachers who were veterans in a very special way. 

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A California wounded warrior and his family were treated to a Merry Christmas, thanks to the participants and sponsors of a Patriot Woodworker raffle to raise money to buy the family gifts and food.

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The phrase “Bloom where you are planted” means to make the most of the opportunities presented to you. An Ohio teen is doing just that by using the power of her paint brush to add some color to her hometown.

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Back in September of 2010, we did a story on Brett Schroyer’s Greenfield Woodworks Rockin’ Shop in Mercer, Pennsylvania. The sequel to the story involves a trip to meet Brett, and his students to learn of the projects, and education program in person. Click on the photo below to enter Brett’s website.

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In Leroy, West Virginia is a guitarmaker by the name of Jim Sutherland.  Jim’s daughter, Carrie Stutler and her husband Ken, assist Jim as well as make their own guitars, mandolins and dulcimers.  They do it mainly as a hobby and for fun, but their quality is at a professional level.  Each instrument is very well built and each has a unique sound based on the wood type used.  Jim gets most of his supplies from Woodcraft in Parkersburg, which makes this story very special.  It is not every day we have the honor of presenting you with a story that involves a country music legend such as Dolly Parton, and we are grateful to the Sutherland-Stutler family.

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