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One woodworking class at his local Woodcraft store was all it took to get Brad Rodriguez hooked on building things. That was nearly 20 years ago. Today, he is a respected content creator, maker and woodworker with a huge online following, recently racing past one million subscribers on his YouTube channel Fix This Build That. Read more about Brads journey in this Woodworking Adventures blog. 

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Powermatic 100th anniversary first wave

Powermatic, a Woodcraft business partner for many years, is celebrating a major milestone this year – its 100th year in business.

“Woodcraft offers congratulations and best wishes to Powermatic,” Woodcraft President and CEO Jack Bigger said. “We are sharing the Tennessee-based company’s 100th Anniversary press release here so our customers will know firsthand what Powermatic plans for 2021.”

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Dovetail boards 05

Woodworking comes in all shapes, sizes and varieties. But no matter what your woodworking passion might be, eventually you’re going to need to join together two pieces of wood. And that opens up a world of joinery options.

Whatever method you choose, the question is—do you make your joinery by hand or by machine? Here’s what our experts had to say…

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