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On this edition of Woodworking Adventures, I sat down with Carl & Robin Jacobson at our Woodcraft Vendor Trade Show. We shared some lathe time while talking about their woodworking life together at home and on the road in their mobile shop…. up next…. on Woodcraft’s Woodworking Adventures.

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At one time, every man in America worth a nickel had a pocketknife on him. “You never know when you might need it” was the philosophy, and a man always wanted to be prepared for any situation. There are still plenty of folks out there who consider a pocketknife as critical as a cell phone.

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The American Woodshop co-hosts Scott and Suzy Phillips will focus Season 26 of their long-running PBS television show on a history in wood with custom creations from independent woodshops across the country. Thirteen new episodes will begin airing Saturday, January 19. Check your local PBS station for airtimes. Woodcraft is proud to continue our sponsorship of The American Woodshop.

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