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Whether your family has turned to homeschooling, the kids are doing blended learning, or you are simply searching for something to entertain and educate your school-age children, Woodcraft is a source for materials that you may not have considered. From birdhouse and bat house building kits to  3-D model sets that include music boxes, dinosaurs and space rovers, you’ll find a host of materials to meet STEM criteria and provide hours of enjoyment for a range of ages. Together we can create anything!

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“A rare collection of grand craftsmanship” – that’s how Scott Phillips, co-host of The American Woodshop, described the Art of Our Appalachian Woods Exhibition held at The Dairy Barn Arts Center in Athens, Ohio, July 24 through September 6. Scott was a guest judge on behalf of Woodcraft, one of the show’s sponsors. Twenty-nine artists are represented with 70 pieces in the Dairy Barn’s 5,000 square foot gallery. Read more here and see how to take the virtual tour! 

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From flipping flea market finds to building furniture, guitars, woodworking jigs, and pretty much anything that interests her, Tamar Hannah has come a long way in her four-year journey to perfect her building skills without formal training. On her website, 3x3custom.com, Tamar writes, “3x3 Custom started by accident. I was searching for an outdoor storage bench and couldn’t find anything I liked. So I had a crazy idea to build it myself! Instantly, I fell in love with power tools, hand tools and everything in between.” Read more in this Woodworking Adventures blog. 

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