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Flip flop towel holder

This fun project is the perfect way to try out those new Black Dog Salvage Furniture Paint spring color mixes! Using scrap wood, paint and some hooks, you can create this Flip Flop Towel Holder in just a few hours.

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Welcome to the Artistic Woodturning Studio and home of Doug Mooney. I first met Doug at “Turning Tuesdays” and was impressed by his works of art. He invited me out to his home and I soon found that underneath all this talent is also a very interesting person. This was a unique learning experience for me and I hope for you too!

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Each year the Parkersburg, West Virginia, Humane Society holds a “Walk Your Paws” fundraising benefit. This year, Woodcraft had the woodworking opportunity to be a small part of this community event with the making of a prosthetic leg for a canine costume contest during the event. Keating, a male boxer mix, belonging to Woodcraft employee Nancy Miller, won a 1st place prize basket of treats with his pirate’s outfit, complete with a handcrafted willow wood pegleg.

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In our previous blog, “What do carver John McClung and Woodcraft have in common? – Part 1“, we featured new walking sticks offered by Woodcraft (Item #153534 at your local store only) and our carver, John McClung of Custom Carved Mantles, who carved two of the wood spirits as a fine example for us.

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After a four year hiatus, our handy Saddle T-Squares are once again available in four sizes in either Imperial or metric scales. These are precision-machined marvels unlike any other squares.

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This is the “J” Waggoner woodworking family of Frankfort, Indiana. Why the “J”, you might ask? Well the six “J’s”, left to right are,  Jalen (12) , Julie (Mom), Jeff (Dad), Jordan & Janae (17 year old twins), and bottom center is 9 year old Jaida. This is certainly a tribute to “the family that prays together, stays together”, although Jeff likes to say,”the family that woodworks together, makes a lot of firewood together!”

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The Waggoner Family is back in the news with their youngest daughter, Jaida, now 12 years old, 11 at the time of the piano build.  We’ve had previous blogs on this family and their woodworking adventures, check them out at those respective links.  Photo left to right showing their projects at the Indianapolis Woodworking Show 2013 are Jaida, Janae, Jordan and Jalen Waggoner.

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We began with Hand-Cut Dovetails in Part 1 of the Dovetail Discovery Center Seminars held at the Toledo Woodcraft store.

In this 2 & 3 part blog, we will take a look at two dovetail jigs. John Nystrom in Part 2, will demonstrate the capabilities of the Porter-Cable 12″, Model 4210 Dovetail Jig, followed by Carl Kuhnle’s skill set in Part 3 on the Leigh Super 12″ Dovetail Jig.

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