Turning with Replacement Parts & Scrap Wood

In just about every shop you will find a box or bin of scrap wood.  Together with replacement parts from our store turning departments you can create different sizes and shapes for all sorts of items.  Thinking outside of the box and your imagination is all you need!  Here is one such idea.  Currently, Woodcraft carries  3 styles of styluses, Wall Street II Chrome or Gold Stylus-Pen combination, the Slim style pen-stylus, also in chrome or gold, and the Stubby Soft Touch Stylus in chrome or gold, which is about 1-1/2″ in length.

If you desire a longer stylus without the pen, try using the Razor Kit Replacement Tubes, Item #151094 or the European Mont Blanc Magnifying Glass Replacement Tubes 5 Pack, Item #124983, a Stubby Stylus Kit, Item #153726 or #153727 and separately sold stylus tips to create a double-ended stylus for your iPhone, iPad or favorite touch screen electronic device.  The stylus tips come in colors of blackbluepinkyellow and red.

In this build, I used the following items:

Maple Burl Stabilized Double Dyed Pen Blank Green/Yellow 1-piece, Item #157761

Woodcraft Gold Threaded Stylus Tip Black, Item #154650
Stubby Soft Touch Stylus Kit Gold, Item #153726
Magnifying Glass Replacement Tube, Item #124983

I wanted my stylus to have a unique look so I added a contrasting piece of maple from my wood bin.  This also brought out the smaller golden colors within the green dyed maple blank.  I cut the Birdseye Maple at a 45 degree angle, about 1/4″ thick.  I also cut my green maple burl blank at a 45 degree in the middle.  After gluing the 3 pieces together with Titebond Wood Glue, I drilled a 7mm hole for the tube.  Usng my Whiteside Pen Mill Set, I squared the ends of my pen blank and proceeded to turn the blank to my preferred shape.

After sanding with my Abranet Woodturner’s Sanding Pack, I finished with Mylands High-Build Friction Polish, followed by Stick Fast CA Wood Finish Glue with the Micro-Mesh Pen Sanding Kit, Item #145982.  For that lasting shine, I added Hut Ultra Gloss Plastic Polish, Item #129302.

As an option, some turners prefer Hut Crystal Coat, which is sold separately or in a Turner’s Finishing Kit, Item # 153666.

The finished double-ended stylus is complete and is about the size of a full pen length at 4-1/4″ in length.  The CA finish will provide a strong shiny finish for use that will outlast every new phone upgrade for years to come!

So, think out of the box and use your imagination.  Let’s see what you come up with; share it here on the Woodworking Adventures Gallery!

auf Wiedersehen…Frank!

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