Scott Phillips and Woodcraft Encourage Arbor Day Tree Planting and Fertilizing

Frank Lloyd Wright said, “The best friend on earth of man is the tree. When we use the tree respectfully and economically, we have one of the greatest resources on earth.” 

Scott Phillips, woodworker, forester and co-host of The American Woodshop on PBS, is partnering with Woodcraft to promote planting and/or fertilizing trees to celebrate National Arbor Day, every April.

J. Sterling Morton, editor of the first newspaper in Nebraska, a treeless plain in the 1850s, was a lover of nature and a strong advocate of planting trees. In 1872 the Nebraska Board of Agriculture accepted his resolution to set aside a day to plant trees “both forest and fruit,” and set the date for April 10. Today National Arbor Day is celebrated on the last Friday in April, and all 50 states, Puerto Rico and some U.S. Territories have passed laws adopting Arbor Day, which is celebrated on a date appropriate for tree planting in their region. Visit for more information about this event.

The importance of trees in man’s life is seen throughout history. “There are 296 references to trees in the Bible,” Scott said, “including Psalm 1:3 – He will be like a tree firmly planted by streams of water, which yield fruit in its season. And its leaf does not wither. And whatever he does, he prospers.”

“Whatever you do to help trees helps us,” Scott said. “There is really no reason not to plant a tree. Trees support wildlife, purify the air, filter the water, fight climate change, tame storm water, provide natural beauty and recreational opportunities and much more. Time to ‘Bloom where we are planted’! Plant trees this Arbor Day. Be a positive force that has lasting value. Make a difference.”

Woodcraft director of marketing Liz Matheny echoes Scott’s respect for trees. “As a company that is based on the use of wood in everyday life, Woodcraft fully supports the need for ongoing tree planting and tree fertilizing efforts to maintain a healthy tree population throughout the United States.”

Scott’s advice for Arbor Day is twofold. 


“Why not make some history of your own this Arbor Day – plant trees,” Scott said. “Celebrate someone’s life, and plant a tree in their honor! Tell their story as the tree joins the earth. Be joyful – because our air just became clearer, the water more pure and the soil stronger.”

To make sure tree planting is effective, Scott said, “Be thoughtful about site selection. The tree must match the soil, water and climate conditions to prosper. Plus there needs to be ample light. If these conditions are perfect, the tree will grow twice as fast.” 

“This is a lasting legacy, so grab your shovel this spring. You can make it better!”

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“Another thing you can do for Arbor Day is to fertilize your trees,” Scott said. “Contact the local Soil and Water Conservation Office in your county or parish and ask about what they recommend to fertilize your trees. Or go online and seek out this knowledge.”

Pointing out that Woodcraft sponsors The American Woodshop to help promote new ideas, part of the company’s “Helping You Make Wood Work” tagline, Scott said, “Here is the best idea of all: fertilize the trees that we all count on every day of our lives!”

Watch Scott’s video below, and learn the easiest way to fertilize trees.

In addition to co-hosting The American Woodshop with his wife Suzy, Scott has a full-time woodworking enterprise that is founded around his Michigan State degree in forestry. Believing that if you want to build great furniture you have to respect the woods, Scott is actively involved in habitat reforestation and riparian restoration projects.

Find out more about Scott at

Let’s start planting! We hope you’ll be inspired! 

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