Choosing Between Paperbacked and Unbacked Veneer for your Project

Paperbacked Veneer

Unbacked Veneer

Paperbacked Veneer is just as the name implies. It is a paper backing permanently bonded to a real wood veneer. The paper backing is typically 10mil thick. This would make the sheet approximately 1/50" thick. Unbacked Veneer is typically .024"-thick real wood.
Generally good for any project Suitable for smaller projects
Easy to handle Can be fragile
Void free May have voids that need repaired
Typically comes sanded to 200 grit No sanding done, but is relatively smooth
May be used with contact cement, no clamping required May have waves and ridges that need softening/flattening
Available in the most popular woods Vacuum clamping or other clamping method required
  Very wide selection available from domestics to the most highly figured exotics
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