Reader Showcase: Issue 99

Richard Serpentini, Middletown, Ny

That takes the cake. A retired jeweler and life-long woodworker, Serpentini saw something familiar in Bill Sands’s saw blade safe (June/July 20). Serpentini built this storage box in 2018 to house his wife’s extensive collection of bakeware. From the sliding shelves to the exterior color, Serpentini suspects our contributor might have taken inspiration (and maybe some baked goods) from his kitchen. If baking doesn’t work out, at least Serpentini will have a place to store his saw blades.

Mark Galassi, Menasha, Wis 

This one is just right. When his nature-loving son needed a bed, Galassi carved a black bear headboard from poplar. The bedside table, from black walnut, continues the theme showcasing sleeping bears in the boughs of the tree-shaped legs. Peg joinery is used in both pieces, without the need for nails or screws. Bear-y nice!

Clifford Utermoehlen, Colorado Springs, CO

Stego-drawer-us. For his dinosaur-obsessed grandson’s fourth birthday, the Colorado woodworker designed and built this bandsaw box from laminated red oak. The drawer provides a place to stash valuables, while the spikes add a layer of protection.

John gondek, Plainville, ct

Board and Aggravated. Gondek crafted this unique version of the popular board game Aggravation from 3⁄4-inch cabinet grade plywood finished with walnut stain and framed in padauk. The game-play lines were added with paint markers. If a sore loser flips the board, there’s a four-player version on the back side!

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