Reader Showcase: Issue 113

Greg Langenhorst
Itasca, IL

Nice pair of plants. Inspired by the Coopered Café Table (April/May 2022), Langenhorst designed and built these white oak planters to house particular plastic pots. He dadoed each pot’s 20 staves before tapering and beveling them. After glue-up, one pot received a dark walnut stain while the other got a shou sugi ban torching. Then he wrapped each dado slot with solid copper wire, left unfinished to oxidize with time. The pots measure 12 3⁄4" high, with a top circumference of about 17" tapering to a bottom circumference just under 10", where a crossbar allows for drainage and supports the inner pot.

Charles Bowman
Leesburg, FL

A long time ago in a workshop far, far away. At the request of a Star Wars fan, Bowman pieced together this intarsia Tusken Raider. He chose wenge for the mask, two shades of mahogany for the headdress, and thermally modified poplar for the robes. Bowman made all the other parts from painted poplar, then assembled them on a yellowheart background. The piece measures 21 1⁄2 × 16 1⁄2". We give this Tatooine native two suns up!

Jason Crooks
Temple, TX

Shark-cuterie board. Crooks crafted this one-of-a-kind cutting board from hard maple. After gluing up a 1 × 12 × 16" panel, he turned to his scroll saw to cut an intricate shark and wave design in one corner. In the opposite corner, Crooks sawed a shark bite, then finished the entire board with butcher block oil. It looks fin-tastic!

John Enger
Bemidji, MN

Building blocks. Inspired by European butcher blocks, some of which have been used by generations of meatcutters, Enger designed his 6"- thick, endgrain chopping block to last. He used locally-sawn hard maple for the top, and ash for the base. The entire 24 × 25 × 36" tall piece is assembled without metal hardware, instead relying on wedged, through-tenon joints for strength and stability.

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