Pretty Pallet Pumpkin

Project by Liz Matheny

You can complete this quick and easy pallet project in an afternoon, just in time for the crisp days of fall decorating.


Gather your boards. Either use pallet wood or salvaged boards, and attach them side by side to a backer board with screws (one board across the top, one across the bottom). Do a light sanding if necessary. 


Draw out your pumpkin shape onto the wood, and cut it with a jigsaw. Sand any rough edges. 


With orange paint, go over the entire piece and the sides. Then shade with a darker orange on the edges of each board to make them look like the “ribs” of the pumpkin. Add some green or brown shading if you wish. If you plan on hanging your project outside, be sure to topcoat with some clear outdoor varnish like General Finishes Exterior 450


Create some “tendrils” using salvaged wire or picture hanging wire that you wrap in brown or green floral tape. Cut the wire into sections first (approx. 8ʺ), and then tape. Pull together some fake leaves and little berries or acorns to accent the top of the pumpkin. Attach that and the tendrils with some of the non-wrapped wire and/or heavy-duty staples. Twirl the tendrils into curlicues. Incorporate a big burlap bow as the final touch. 

Note: The completed project will be on the heavy side, so make sure you are hanging it with something appropriate for the weight. Liz used some picture hanging wire strung between two points on the upper brace of the back. 

What’s on your fall decorating to-do list? Potted mums, shafts of wheat, faux apples, fallen leaves, corn husks, autumnal plaids, acorns, gourds and pine cones can all be used to set the scene for the season. Use your imagination and enjoy!

We hope you'll be inspired!

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