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Tool bundles for the adventurous woodworker

To ring in the new year, we’ve rounded up four sets of tools, books, and inspiration to get you, or a loved one, started in a new discipline. Simon Easton’s Learn to Burn, will teach you pyrography fundamentals. Or get out into nature with Emmet Van Driesche’s beautiful Greenwood Spoon Carving. For the epoxy-curious, Jess Crow’s new book, Epoxy Resin, provides straight-forward instruction and fun, introductory projects. And if you’re enamored with airbrushing, but have no idea where to start, Airbrushing 101 by Maryellen Vettori and Bob Keeling demystifies this versatile tool. For each niche, we’ve gathered some starter tools for you, plus an artist to follow on social media for inspiration.


Learn to embellish wood surfaces with hot irons and fire! We have two tool-package options for you here: The economical Wall Lenk 10-in-1 Tool Kit will get you started, but the variable-temperature Razertip gear, when purchased together, will take you farther in the long run.

Learn to Burn
by Simon Easton
$16.99, #856339

Wall Lenk
10 in 1 Woodburning Tool Kit
$51.99, #127290

Woodburning Pen Power Supply
$119.99, #160476

HD Tip Cord for Interchangeable Tip Pen
$18.99, #160480

Interchangeable Tip Pen (connects to Razertip power supply)
$34.99, #160478

Pyrography Pen Tip Set for Interchangeable Tip Pen
$24.99, #160535

Alex Peter Idoko’s photorealistic pyrography will boggle your mind. Follow him on Instagram @alexpeter_idoko

 Greenwood Spoon Carving

To start carving spoons this winter, all you’ll need is a tree, a saw, a hatchet, and a couple of knives. With the right techniques, handholds, and safety practices (described in Greenwood Spoon Carving) you’ll soon be creating beautiful utensils of your own.

Power Tooth 10” Folding Saw

Outdoor Hatchet
$89.99, #175034

Greenwood Spoon Carving
by Emmet Van Driesche

Safety Glove
$23.99, #06I62 (Medium)

Sloyd Knife
$62.99, #166936

Single Bevel Sloyd Hook Knife
$78.99, #163745

Emmet Van Driesche is a professional spoon carver exploring what it means to live a good life. Follow him on Instagram @emmet_van_driesche

 Epoxy Resin

We’ve listed a handful of essentials to get you started with epoxy resin, and you’ll also need mixing cups, stir sticks, gloves, and other shop staples listed in Epoxy Resin. Don’t miss our safety section here or Crow’s safety chapters in her book. Then start pouring magic projects!

Furno 500 Dual-Temperature Heat Gun
$49.99, #183501

Wall Lenk
Bella Tavola Mini Torch
$29.99, #168259

Epoxy Resin, The Complete Guide for Artists, Builders, and Makers
by Jess Crow
$29.95, #188799

Black Diamond Pigments
Mica Powder Variety Pack
$19.99, #188145

MakerPoxy Crystal Clear Artist Resin
$59.99, #181317

Universal Pigments
$6.99 each, #832386

California Air Tools
Pressure Pot for Resin Casting
$299.99, #166300

Jess Crow is a noted epoxy resin artist and teacher. Follow her on Instagram @crowcreekdesigns


For illustrative surface decoration, small-scale spray finishing or finish repair, this Grex airbrush might be your new best friend in the woodshop. You’ll need a compressor with a pressure regulator to power the tool, and the instructions in Airbrushing 101 to get you started.

Airbrushing 101
by Maryellen Vettori and Bob Keeling

Air Brushing Paints
$5.03 each,

Tritium TG Micro Spray Gun Set
$298.00, #168093

Melina Wuggonig paints freehand airbrush portraits on wood. Follow her on Instagram @art_by_melina

 Safety Gear

Protect your lungs, skin, and brain! When working with epoxy resin or airbrushing paints, you’ll need a good vapor mask like this one, plus goggles and an apron. Be sure to read each book’s safety sections for more safety basics, like wearing gloves and covering your skin.

Respirator OV/P100
$59.99, #164241

Texas Canvas Wares
16 oz Waxed Canvas Apron
$44.99, #181310

Capstone 500 Safety Goggle
$20.99, #174677 (Med/Lg)

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