Whiteside Machine Features New Turning Products

In a co-design effort, Whiteside Machine and Woodcraft have come up with new Pen Maker’s Bits that come closer to the pen tube diameters allowing for better glue-ups without the gaps typically associated with tube to blank preparation for pens, ornaments and other turning projects.

Are you fed up with oversized/inaccurate holes?  Switch to Whiteside Pen Maker’s Bits! We have designed these bits to produce a boring that will accept the pen kit tube and leave enough clearance for either CA or epoxy glue to form a strong bond with the pen blank material.  The ground center point allows for quick alignment to ensure that the blank is centered before drilling.  Bits should be spun from 1,000 – 1,250 RPMs in conjunction with a continuous feed rate to achieve optimum performance.  These Whiteside products are crafted from the finest M2 high-speed steel.


  • Improve operator control
  • Clean entry & exit holes
  • Ground center point provides accurate start & quick alignment

Additional New Products from Whiteside:

Gone are the days of off-centered turnings and the need for spacers for those shorter projects.  The Whiteside Pro Pen Mandrel system incorporates similar technology used on today’s most modern CNC machines.  This technology allows for a superior hold on the mandrel, while providing quick, easy adjustments for the varying lengths of different kits.  Simply loosen the collet nut, slide the mandrel to the desired length and retighten; it’s that simple!  The Whiteside Pro Pen Mandrels feature true fitting Morse Tapers, which promote a better fit to the taper on the headstock of the lathe.  Lathe chucks incorporate a #1 or #2 MT depending on the model, and is 5-5/16″ long.  The Mandrel is .246″ in diameter and 7-1/2″ long.


  • New design allows for fast and easy mandrel adjustments
  • Fits #2 Morse Taper and promotes a better lock to the lathe
  • 4-piece design includes chuck, collect nut, mandrel, and brass nut

Combining these bits with the Pro Mandrel System, and the Whiteside Pen Mill Set, your turning experience will be taken to another level. One of the most critical steps in turning top quality pens is squaring the ends of your pen blanks to provide a perfect, gap free mating surface for the pen kit parts.

With the Whiteside Pen Mills, this step is quick and easy.  The Whiteside Pen Mill features a sharp, 3/4″-diameter carbon steel trimmer head for squaring blanks and pilot shafts that clean excess glue from inside the brass tubes.

 The six-piece set which includes the tools necessary for our most popular pen kits–3/4″ trimmer head, allen wrench and 7mm, 10mm, 25/64″, and 27/64″ pilot shafts.


  • Squares blanks accurately
  • Total flexibility; purchase only what is needed

These Whiteside turning products will make fine contributions to your turning projects.  Listen and watch in this video demonstration as we show you the differences between standard brad point drilling and the NEW Whiteside Pen Maker’s Bits, WHAT A DIFFERENCE!!  Take it from me, your blogman when I say I love turning with these products.

Now head to your local Woodcraft store or go online to get these Whiteside products.  Then…get creative at your lathe, show us what you make, and we’ll see you at the next Woodworking Adventure!

auf Wiedersehen…Frank!

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