Rust Protection for Your Tools

Nobody likes to see rust on their precious tools. Here are some tried and true ways to stop rust.

Some people keep small blocks of solid camphor in their tool drawers. Camphor produces fumes that form a coating on the tools that prevents rust.  Keep the camphor in small pill bottles. Drill a number of small holes in the bottle lids to permit the fumes to escape and protect the contents of the drawer. 

Note: Be sure to read the instructions that come with the camphor because, under certain conditions, camphor fumes can be harmful. 

If you store your tools in tool rolls, soak the rolls in kerosene and allow them to dry. The kerosene residue will protect your tools. 

You can store your tools with small packages of silica gel. Silica gel is often added to cartons of electronic parts and drugs. It absorbs moisture and you can rejuvenate it by placing it on a lit light bulb for a couple of minutes.

Note: Do not leave the gel on the bulb over a couple of minutes because the paper it is packaged in is flammable.

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