Organize Your “Stuff” with TANOS Systainers!

Comedian, George Carlin said it best, “The whole meaning of life is trying to find a place to put your stuff!”  Do you have a place to put your stuff?  You know, the stuff you need to organize, transport, store, work with, move from job site to job site, or from the basement/garage to project area around the house.  Don’t just throw your stuff in the corner of your garage or woodshop.  Stop grabbing handfuls of tools, dropping them on the way to your project location!  Get your piles of stuff organized into these new TANOS Systainers.

If you are familiar with Festool and Fein products, then you will recognize these containers.  The old systainers stack with the new systainers, as these photos show by locking in the side tabs and turning the front locks.

The tool boxes also stack and lock with the systainers in the same manor as well as with each other by allowing the handle to be inserted into the cavity in each tool box bottom.

You can add more specific organization to each systainer with color coded handlesmatching front latches…

...tray inserts with colored boxeslabel accessories and more!  And to keep your boxes secure, add key locks that are easy to install!

Transporting your systainer systems is easy with a folding handle cart and caster cart accessories.

Woodcraft’s Power tool product development manager, Andrew Bondi explains all the systainers and accessories in this great new product line now available at Woodcraft.

Once you get your stuff organized, then you can get new stuff from Woodcraft to put into your new systainers.  You can even store your buddies stuff until he gets systainers to store all of his stuff in.  Then you’ll both have enough room for more stuff since he got his stuff out of your systainers!

Lock and load, it’s that easy!

Look for all these Tanos products and accessories on the Woodcraft Tanos product page, and remember…

“The whole meaning of life is trying to find a place to put your stuff”…George Carlin
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