Making a Strong Case for the Level

Installing cabinets requires a quality level, but the tool can lose its accuracy when dropped or banged around on its way to the jobsite. You can find a case manufactured for a 4' level, but there’s nothing for a 2-footer. And finding a case for a pricey 6' level? Forget about it!

Fortunately, you can make a strong case for your level quickly and inexpensively from common PVC plumbing pipe and fittings. You’ll find heavy-duty Schedule 40 pipe and components at your local hardware store or home center. Solvent-weld a cap to one end of a 3"-diameter pipe, and push a block of foam to the bottom to cushion the tool. Cut the pipe to length (it’s easy with your miter saw), and solvent-weld a female adapter in place. A screw cap completes the case. For quick and easy storage, drill through the cap to add an eye bolt with a couple of washers and nuts. A foam block at the top of the case completes the cushioning. Don’t screw the cap on tightly until the solvent odor completely dissipates.

Another tip: if you don’t like the printing on your pipe, remove it with a rag dampened with lacquer thinner.  
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