Equip Your Mitersaw for "No Fuzz" Cuts

The mitersaw can do a great job of precision cutting, but the blade can tear out wood fibers where it exits the wood. This often gives a fuzzy appearance to the stock face resting on the table and the edge on the fence. Fortunately, you can solve this problem by attaching an auxiliary fence and table surface with double-sided tape.

Make the auxiliary fence from a piece of ½"-thick scrap plywood. It can be longer than your saw’s metal fence, but make sure that its height doesn’t interfere with your saw’s blade or guard. Use a piece of ¼" plywood or hardboard for the table.

After you’ve attached the fence and table, your first saw cut makes a kerf that keeps your workpiece supported right up to the cut line, minimizing tear-out. As an added benefit, the kerf shows the cut line exactly,
enabling you to quickly position your stock for line-splitting accuracy.

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