Drill Press Hold-Down

Like many woodworkers, I outfitted my drill press with an auxiliary table that includes two T-tracks for mounting the fence and/or hold-downs. Unfortunately, hold-downs mounted in the tracks were often out of the reach of small parts. As a solution, I devised this hold-down bar that spans the T-tracks and allows me to position a hold-down at any point with great force. I drilled the hard maple bar to accept T-bolts and knobs that connect it to the table T-tracks. Then I routed a 12"-long through-slot (recessing it on the underside) to connect the hold-down. (I replaced the hold-down’s hex head bolt with a T-bolt for smoother sliding operation.)

The unit is simple to make. Just get T-bolts and knobs to fit the size of your table T-tracks, and then rout the slot to suit your chosen hold-down. (I used the Woodpeckers Deluxe Hold-Down Clamp; Woodcraft Item #142603). I offset the slot as shown to allow the short leg good footing, but if you use a different hold-down, simply adjust the offset to suit.

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