Buying Drawer Slides

Selecting a drawer slide for your next project should be clear once you understand the basic options.

Four Main Types of Drawer Slides

Bottom-Edge Mount Slides:  

These slides require the installation of two rails on each side of the drawer bottom, wrapping the edge. They are very common in prefab cabinetry. Typically lighter duty, these slides have a rating of 35 lbs. or less and are very easy to install.

Center Mount Slides:  

The center mount slides have a single rail mounted in the middle of the drawer bottom.  You will find this type typically in a bathroom vanity.  These slides have a 35-lb. weight capacity and are very easy to install.

Ball Bearing Side Mount Slides:  

These slides have rails mounted to the sides of the drawer.  They are approximately 1-1/2" tall and require a 1/2" gap between the drawer box and drawer opening.  These very popular slides come in a variety of weight capacities, with 75 lbs. to 100 lbs. being typical.  Ball Bearing Side Mount Slides also offer soft close and push to open options.  Although they look a little more intimidating, these slides are easy to install, and there are many installation jigs available to assist you in mounting the slides.

Undermount Slides:  

Undermount Slides are becoming increasingly popular. The Undermount Slide is the only slide that can be used without being seen when the drawer is extended, and it is very popular with customers using dovetail drawer construction. The Undermount Slide is relatively easy to install if the drawer box is made properly, which requires that the drawer box be made to exact specifications. Weight capacity is 75 lbs. or more

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