Angled Fence for Routing Discs

Here’s a router table fence that I devised to rout the edges of circular discs with bearing-less bits. Starting with a 34 × 12 × 21" 

piece of MDF, I used my framing square to lay out a right triangle with 12" legs. I drilled a 2"-diameter hole through the inside corner, and then removed the triangular cutout.

To set the V-shaped fence, place it on your router table so that the bit rests in the center hole, and clamp one end to your router table. Position the workpiece into the V, and then pivot the fence until the piece contacts the bit. Then clamp the fence’s other end. (For safe feeding when cutting a heavy profile, plan on taking a series of shallow cuts, readjusting the fence after each one.)

To rout, place the disc against the right-hand fence, and then roll it forward to make contact with the left-hand fence. With the disc touching both fences, spin it counter-clockwise until you have completed the cut. (For routing thick material, use a fence that’s thick enough to provide bearing for the unrouted section.)

Serge Duclos, Delson, Quebec

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