6 Things You Didn't Know About Your Kreg Jig®

1 Drill Bit Storage

Those crazy engineers at Kreg – always thinking of the small things. If you're a Kreg Jig (K4) owner, flip your jig over and take a quick peek at the bottom side. There you'll see 2 sets of slots; a smaller set for your driver bit, and a larger set for your Stepped Drill Bit. When your jig is not in use or you're transporting it somewhere... snap your bits in place to keep them safe. Just remember to be careful of the drill bit, it's very sharp!

2 Screw Down Jig

Your Kreg Jig® can be quickly and easily attached to a piece of plywood for storage and stable use. Simply drive a Kreg screw in each corner then attach the plywood to your workspace with your clamp of choice. Another good idea is to drill a hole or two in your plywood so that the Kreg Jig® can be hung on the wall out of the way when not in use. 

3 Strange Markings

At the base of your Kreg Jig®, next to the drill guide, you may have noticed a strange marking scale which doesn’t seem to reflect the correct distance from the drill guide. This is actually a feature which shows you the exit-point of your screw in the workpiece. For example, if you have a 1” workpiece and want to know where the screw will exit the workpiece during assembly, simply place your workpiece against the drill guide and see where the 1” mark falls next to your workpiece. The mark should be close to the very center of the workpiece. 

4 Lifetime Warranty

Did you know that the Hardened Steel core of your Kreg Jig® Drill Guide features a lifetime warranty? We're so confident in the strength and durability of these guides that we'll replace them for free if they ever wear out. Now that's quality you can count on.

5 Pocket-Holes Get Smaller

Did you know your Kreg Jig® can drill more than one size of hole? The Micro Pocket™ Drill Guide lets you create more compact, low-profile Pocket-Holes in the same joinery applications, but also tackle smaller projects, thinner stock, and tighter repair applications where standard Pocket-Holes simply can't go. Works with your Kreg Jig® or Kreg Jig® Master System. Includes Micro Pocket™ Drill Guide, Micro Pocket™ Drill Bit, Micro Pocket™ Depth Collar and Starter Screw Set. 

6 Turn Your Portable Base into a Benchtop Base

If you own a Kreg Jig® Master System, you’ve undoubtedly already discovered the tremendously useful Portable Base, especially when working on larger workpieces or on the jobsite. One thing you might not have known though is that the Portable Base can also be transformed into a second temporary benchtop base. To use this feature, simply place your Portable Base at the edge of your work surface, and drive three screws through the bottom to secure it in place. Now, connect your Face-Clamp and use it to clamp your workpieces in place.

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