Timbermate Presented by Woodcraft

A totally unique, quick drying, water based grain filler and wood putty that accepts stain beautifully or can be tinted.

•Never goes bad
•Easy to apply and clean up
•No shrinking, cracking or falling out
•Does not become permanent until you apply a finish
If you're ever unhappy with the way it looks, the color, etc. just water it down and remove it. If it freezes, simply put it in the microwave to warm it up or if it dries out, just stir in water. This allows for Zero Waste! This might just be the perfect wood filler. 
Manufacturer recommends using only stainless steel or plastic tools to apply because Timbermate may react with low grade steels and turn black. If this happens, simply add water and remove it, or wait for it to dry and sand it off.
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