Sandpaper Sizer

This is a speed machine that will net you a lot of sized sandpaper in a hurry. It’s nothing more than a platform, outfitted with two adjacent fences and a piece of standard-thickness plastic laminate as wide as your desired paper size and at least as long. You can stack your sandpaper in this jig to tear several sheets at a time, depending on the grit and weight of the particular paper.

To use it, place your paper grit-side down and against both fences with the laminate on top and against the fences. Press down on the laminate while tearing off two or more sheets with your other hand. As you proceed, remove some of the sized sheets and continue tearing. When the first stack is done, butt the remaining sheets against the fences and repeat until you’ve got all the sized paper you need.

—Andy Rae, Asheville, North Carolina

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