It’s “Putty Time” with Timbermate

Timbermate’s water-based woodfiller putty never goes bad. This is a 75 year old product that has been manufactured in Australia since 1992 and available in the U.S. since 2001. Woodcraft has been selling Timbermate’s woodfiller since 2008. It contains no acrylic or latex and is freeze-thaw stable. Woodcraft’s product development analyst, Kent Harpool calls this product, “garage stupid & idiot proof”, because it is reconstitutable by water and microwave, as well as being very easy to use. 

Sandy Don Sternadel, our Woodcraft store manager in Austin, Texas has this to say about Timbermate’s woodfiller, “The best thing about the Timbermate product is the ability to open it and not have to worry about waste.  You can use half and store the remainder for your next project.  This to me understates it’s “value.”  In this day and time and with all the “green” publicity, it just doesn’t get much better.  You can also tint this product to match your project and not worry that time will cause it to crack, and for me this eliminates “do overs” which I just don’t have time for.  Economically flexible product!”

Here's a Tip & Trick with the woodfiller:

- Mix a tint/ dye into the filler
- Wipe the board
- Sand & finish
- Leave the pigment in the wood for depth of color in the grain.

Timbermate Woodfiller comes in the following 13 color selections at your local Woodcraft store and Woodcraft website:

Tint Base/ Natural (8oz) – #148740
Tint Base/ Natural (1 QT) – #148741
Cherry (8oz) – #841442
Teakheart Pine (8oz) – #841443
Brazilian Cherry (8oz) – #841444
Chestnut (8oz) - #841445
Tazmanian Oak (8oz) – #841446
Mahogany (8oz) - #841447
Maple Beech (8oz) - #841448
Red Oak (8oz) - #841449
Ebony (8oz) - #841450
Walnut (8oz)- #841451
White Oak (8oz) – #841452
White (8oz) – #841454


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