Easy Resin Blanks with the WoodRiver Silicone Casting Molds

WoodRiver Silicone Casting Molds provide the flexibility to cast custom pen, ring, and bottle stopper blanks, handle stock, and even knife scales from epoxy and polyester resins. 

A 3mm fillet has been incorporated into all corners of the pen blank and handle stock/bottle stopper molds to aid in the release, as well as creating pre-rounded corners, with the exception of the top four edges. 

In-Tube Pen Dams can be used in conjunction with pen blank molds to create beautifully decorated pen tubes cast in clear resin. 

To create bottle stopper blanks, utilize the Flat Dams to create one or two one-off blanks in a single pour. 

Maintenance is important; to clean molds, we recommend using denatured alcohol. Mold release spray will help with blank removal and keep the molds conditioned for a long working life. 

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