Woodcraft Invites Volunteers to Participate in Annual Turn for Troops National Turn-a-Thon

As Americans approach another Veterans Day, Woodcraft will sponsor its 11th anniversary Turn for Troops National Turn-a-Thon the weekend of Nov. 7-8. Please check with your local store schedules for participation, as each store may offer different dates and times.  Some stores are offering this during the week before Veterans Day Weekend, and some the following weekend.  Pens crafted during this event will be sent to military personnel serving overseas and those in rehabilitation centers.  If you wish to join in, please contact the nearest Woodcraft store for your local turn-a-thon details.

If you have never turned a pen but want to learn, check with your local store about instructions the day of the turn-a-thon or about pen making classes. To watch a video about pen making, click on this link:www.woodcraft.com/Product/2005435/15700/Wall-Street-II-Ballpoint-Pen-Kit–Standard-Gold.aspx. To check out the Woodcraft Pen Designer, click on this link: https://www.woodcraft.com/categories/projects.

Volunteer turners are asked to write personal notes to go along with their one-of-a-kind writing instruments and express their appreciation to the recipients for service to their country.

Many of the 11,124 wood pens crafted by volunteers in 2013 were distributed to men and women deployed on the USS Harry Trumana US aircraft carrier. Two of the many thank-you notes Woodcraft received are included below.

Pens turned during the annual Woodcraft Turn for Troops National Turn-a-thon are welcomed by their military recipients who often take time to write a thank-you note like the ones included here.

“Our squadron has 154 sailors that really appreciate the pens ya’ll sent. You make our jobs worthwhile while we fight the daily global war on terrorism.”

“We are embarked on an extended deployment and still have a few months to go. Receiving a gift like this means more than you can imagine. Thanks for supporting the men and women of the armed forces. It’s great to know that people like you have our backs.”

A pen recipient deployed on another aircraft carrier, the USS George H.W. Bush wrote:“Thank you for your support. It really means a lot to us forward deployed; your support speaks volumes as a visible indication that our sacrifice is appreciated. For that we are grateful.”

 Navy Reserve Nurse Corps officer caring for injured and sick service personnel at a military hospital was among pen recipients in Afghanistan. Explaining that his father had made wood pens in the past, he wrote:“Your gift really hit home and made me think of my father and being home.”

“To ensure that troops still deployed or recuperating continue to be remembered through this program, Woodcraft is hopeful that volunteer turners will meet or exceed last year’s 11,124 pen total,” president Jody Garrett said. “We are very appreciative of the many turners who have made this program a success by crafting 106,262 pens over the past 10 years.”

For more information about Woodcraft, please contact the store nearest you, visit www.woodcraft.com or call (800) 535-4482. To learn about Woodcraft franchise opportunities, visit www.woodcraftfranchise.com or email woodcraftfranchise@woodcraft.com.

We look forward to you visiting our stores, and turning a pen for this free program that can put a smile on our troops faces to reflect on home. The goal is set for operation Woodcraft Turn-A-Thon to beat last years 11,124 pens created.  The time is Veterans Day week and weekend.  We’ll help you support our troops!
Thank you in advance,
auf Wiedersehen!…Frank!

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