Scott & Suzy Phillips Add a New Twist to The American Woodshop Season 23 Projects

Co-hosts Scott and Suzy Phillips are changing The American Woodshop focus a bit for Season 23 that airs on Friday, December 11, on PBS TV stations. As usual, they will present 13 new and exciting projects, built this year around the theme, “Learning Tool Tips – Woodworking Legacies.” The difference: the projects are scheduled for auction, and the proceeds will be donated to two Ohio organizations that provide furniture for those who need it and who teach the craft of woodworking.

Check with your local PBS station for airtimes. The American Woodshop is produced by WBGU TV, Bowling Green, Ohio, and sponsored by Woodcraft Supply, Rikon Power Tools, Kreg Tool Company and Easy Wood Tools.

Scott’s desire to inspire woodworkers is reflected in a new tag line he is using in the show’s publicity – Your Woodworking Matters™. “Your Woodworking Matters’ means that whatever you make has lasting value. I support the Furniture Bank of Central Ohio and the University of Rio Grande woodworking scholarship. These are just a few of the many ways that my projects are used to support lasting missions with heart,” Scott said.

In the first show of the new season, Scott and Suzy present the Victorian Hall Tree, a new “antique” built around an upcycled antique mirror. Suzy directed the design elements for this project that leads to a discussion of color matching antique finishes.

“‘Your Woodworking Matters’ means that whatever you make has lasting value.” – Scott Phillips, Host of The American Woodshop

A Shaker-style Chest of Drawers featured in the third episode was inspired by the chests (over 30,000) built by the Woodworkers of Central Ohio for the Furniture Bank of Central Ohio. Suzy and Scott added their decorative veneer touches to this elegant chest.

Artistry in Wood Auction

Both the Hall Tree and the Chest of Drawers were auctioned during the Artistry in Wood Show in Dayton, Ohio, on Nov. 14. The Hall Tree sold for $610, which was donated to the University of Rio Grande (Rio Grande, Ohio) permanent endowment established by the Western Ohio Woodworking Club to finance scholarships for the Fine Woodworking Department. The Chest Of Drawers sold for $540, which went to the Furniture Bank of Central Ohio, a nonprofit group that provides free furniture to central Ohio families and individuals struggling with poverty and other severe life challenges.

All remaining Season 23 projects will be auctioned on April 9 during the Western Ohio Woodworking Club meeting at the Montgomery County Career Technology in Trotwood, Ohio. One hundred percent of the proceeds will be split between the Rio Grande endowment and the Furniture Bank.

Other Projects

Mega Bowls – Scott says turning wooden objects is hands down the most fun that anyone can ever have in the woodshop. “Turning is the most expressive way to give a gnarly piece of wood a second life by releasing beautiful turned grain patterns.”

•Scrolled Tree of Life: The scrolled trees of life come in two versions: one with lots of hand-carving by Suzy (plaque) and one that is completely scrolled by using an interlocking puzzle-like technique called bevel cutting (door).

Lost and Found Mission Bookcases: These Mission Bookcase projects are both upcycled  pieces. Scott and Suzy build a brand-new bookcase case to match a Mission door that was found at an antique shop. They also convert a Mission wardrobe into a bookcase. Both focus on using simple-to-use techniques and tools.

Bandsawn Box: The world’s easiest and fastest wooden gift idea. Bandsaw tune-up tips are included.

Bent Wood Stands: Wooden strips are steam bent to form the ultimate clothing organizer.

The Console: An artful curved walnut base raises this natural edge tabletop to perfection.

The Burkhardt-Inspired Green Man Chair: Inspired sculpted face chair with historic story.

Antique Repair and Restoration Workshop: A must-see show packed with ideas and products that make restoration of lost treasures easy to do.

Custom Headboards: Wall mounted headboards that work for any bed.

Making Home Doors: Easy to make doors that can customize any room anywhere.

Recycled Medicine Cabinets: Chippendale-inspired accents enhance this mirrored jewel.

For more information about The American Woodshop, visit and Check the Facebook page for times, dates and locations of Scott’s 33 appearances in 2016.

Read more about the “Your Woodworking Matters” initiative in an upcoming feature from Woodcraft’s Woodworking Adventures blog. We hope you’ll be inspired!

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