Experience the World’s First Hand-Held CNC Router at Woodcraft

The Shaper Origin brings CNC capabilities to woodworkers and makers in a small footprint size.

Shaper Origin, the world’s first hand-held CNC router, is making its debut at select Woodcraft retail stores across the nation this month.

“This machine is a real powerhouse that brings CNC capabilities to the craft of woodworking without taking up a lot of space,” said Beth Coffey, Woodcraft’s Vice President of Sales & Marketing. 

“The realm of creative possibilities with the Shaper Origin makes it a small-business dream. There is no CNC experience required to operate it – just scan, design and cut.”

The speed at which a user can go from idea to finished project is very appealing to anyone with a creative mindset: woodworking enthusiasts, professionals, Etsy sellers, makers and more.

Art of the Possible
Nearly anything you can dream up can be created with the Shaper Origin. Furniture makers use the machine for joinery, parts, templates, jigs and fixtures, and specialty hinges with ease, precision and repeatability, making it a time savings for the busy shop owner.

Because it is faster and more precise than a scroll saw or regular router, sign makers find the Shaper Origin to be a good income proposition for custom sign work and enhanced productivity.

Projects like skateboards, jewelry, boxes, guitars, toys, speaker cabinets, engraved cutting boards, foam inserts, storage units, workstation organizers and personalized items are just a few examples of what Shaper Origin users have created.  

Not Your Typical CNC or Router
Though the Shaper Origin looks somewhat like a conventional router, it has many of the capabilities of much larger equipment. It can also tackle almost any job a standard CNC can, but without size constraints. The Shaper Origin combines all of these features into a compact, portable, self-guiding machine capable of cutting a variety of materials, and the result is unparalleled precision, flexibility and efficiency with minimum setup and maximum repeatability.

The ability to take the Shaper Origin directly to the work or job site opens up many possibilities for contractors, like custom floor inlays, finish carpentry, custom vents and hardware installation.

The Shaper Origin will cut acetate, acrylic, aluminum, brass, copper, Corian®, cork, Delrin®, hardwood, HDPE, linoleum, MDF, plywood, polycarbonate, PVC, PVC foam, soapstone and softwood.

Accessories & Enhancements
Additional products and accessories can be added to the Shaper Origin to enhance on-tool functions and increase productivity.

Studio Software, a simplified design tool, syncs to Origin from any device. No CAD experience is required to create files within minutes. Users can also access millions of pre-made designs through the software add-on.

Other accessories like the Shaper Plate, Workstation and Trace Frame allow for expanded flexibility and upgraded workshop capabilities.

Design & Inspiration
New and experienced users will find a variety of free resources at ShaperHub, an online community dedicated to providing and sharing thousands of projects, instructional content and ready-to-cut design files. 

The machine also allows you to create simple designs on the tool itself, upload existing plans, or use Shaper Studio for additional design solutions. Virtually any software that creates an SVG will be able to produce designs for the Shaper Origin.

Why Woodcraft?
As one of the nation’s oldest and largest woodworking retailers, Woodcraft has been providing tools, supplies, inspiration and education to crafters, makers and woodworkers of all skill levels since 1928.

Stop by a participating Woodcraft retail location to see the Shaper Origin in action and try it for yourself. Trained staff are on hand to provide guidance as well as assist with selecting project supplies and materials to make your next idea a reality.

For more information, please contact the store nearest you, visit woodcraft.com or call (800) 535-4482. To learn about Woodcraft franchise opportunities, visit woodcraftfranchise.com or email woodcraftfranchise@woodcraft.com.

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