Woodworking Tips with Tommy Mac issue 49

Drill press accessory board

Like most woodworkers, I’ve accumulated a large collection of bits, sanding drums, and other accessories that are used primarily at my drill press. For convenience and efficiency, I devised this wall-mounted rack so that the items are where they’re needed most.

My system is nothing more than a plywood backboard outfitted with a bottom shelf and a few solid wood shelf blocks that have a series of drill holes suited to my collection of Forstner and brad-point bits. You can adjust the hole spacing, or add an extra shelf, to match your collection. The remaining free space provides room for hanging additional items.

Paper bag trick

The problem with slow-drying finishes, such as oil-based polyurethane, is that no matter how carefully you clean your shop, a few dust specs are bound to land onto the surface before the finish has completely dried.

Before you resort to sanding out the finish and applying another topcoat, try rubbing the last coat with a piece of brown paper shopping bag. As an abrasive, brown paper is finer than even #0000 steel wool. As long as the finish is thoroughly dry, the paper will level dust nibs without scratching the surface. Once the finish feels satisfactorily smooth, top it off with a coat of wax to give it extra sheen.

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