Tips & Tricks: Simple Circle-Sanding Jig

I needed a jig to sand some small round disks to an accurate diameter after bandsawing them to rough shape. I cobbled together a quick ‘n’ dirty jig to do the job using my disk sander. The jig is simply a grooved panel that houses a runner with a 1/4" dowel at one end. The dowel inserts in a hole in the workpiece to serve as a pivot point that can be set to the desired distance from the sanding disk.

To use the jig, first drill a 1/4"-diameter center hole in your workpiece. Then clamp the grooved panel to your sander table. Insert the runner in its groove, and mount the workpiece on the dowel. With the sander running, slide the runner forward until you’ve sanded to your layout line. Then stop the tool and clamp the runner to the panel. Restart the sander and slowly rotate the workpiece to complete the job.

—Derek Richmond, associate editor

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