Tips & Tricks Issue 93: Under-Cabinet Light Extension

Wanting to install some task-lighting at my sharpening station, I tried attaching an LED ceiling-mount, corded light fixture to the underside of the cabinet above the area. Unfortunately, the fixture’s close proximity to the wall simply back-lit the area. In order to better illuminate my work, I cobbled up a pull-out mounting surface using a pair of drawer slides and a few wood scraps. 

For my purposes, I used 3/4-extension slides that are designed to wrap around under a drawer’s sides. I began by cutting them to a length that matched my cabinet depth. Next, I made a pair of thick cleats, to which I attached the case-halves of the slides before screwing the cleats to the cabinet bottom. After sawing a piece of 3/4" plywood to suit the drawer slide spacing, I attached the drawer-half of each slide. As a finishing touch, I added a facing piece to trim things out and serve as a pull. After attaching the light and finding that everything worked well, I felt pretty bright. 

—Joe Hurst-Wajszczuk, Birmingham, AL

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