Tips & Tricks Issue 91: Inner Tube Clamps

Woodworking often requires glue-ups that traditional clamps can’t handle, so sometimes you need to think outside your wheelhouse. Inner tubes can apply pressure where ordinary clamps can’t, making them invaluable for nonlinear assemblies, such as curved or twisted work. To turn a trashed tube into a valuable clamp, cut off the valve stem and slice the tube into 3/4"- to 1-1/4"-wide strips to suit your needs. Wrap a strip around the assembly as necessary, tucking each end under a previous wrap to secure it. If you don’t have any old tubes hanging in your garage, check out your local bike or motorcycle shops. Regular tubes are thin and stretchy, while heavy-duty tubes are made from thicker material, which stretches less but is more durable. 

—Andy Rae, Asheville, North Carolina

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