Show Off: Issue 1

Hollow Form Turning

Michael Schwing, Baltimore, Md.
Schwing used a Powermatic 3520A lathe to turn this
maple burl to a completed size of 41/4", with a wall thickness of only 1/16". The interior is lined with gold leaf; the exterior was sanded up to 12,000 grit and finished with Danish oil and four applications of a gloss clear coat. Purchased by a collector along with another of his hollow form turnings, the piece is part of a collection that will travel through China before being put on permanent display in Hong Kong.

Noah’s Ark

George Chau, Forest Hills, N.Y.
Chau, a woodworking instructor and accomplished woodcarver, creates carvings in a variety of themes and types. From a large collection of workpieces with religious themes, Chau crafted his take on “Noah’s Ark” in 6' poplar.

Turned Box Elder Bowls

Mike Wade, Parkersburg, W.Va.
The unique coloration of the box elder used for these turned bowls was caused by a combination of two random natural occurrences. The tree had not only suffered severe frost damage, but had also been attacked by ambrosia beetles, creating a starburst pattern of color. The large bowl measures about 8", while the smaller one is 5".

Jewelry Box

William McDowell, Syracuse, N.Y.
McDowell specializes in intricate jewelry boxes like this one made of walnut, curly maple and mahogany, featuring a thick piece of spalted maple inlaid into the lid. The box measures 11" x 18" x 6", and inside are two trays with divided interiors, but you’ll need to navigate the all-wood locking system before opening the box. Squeezing the spring-loaded cylindrical section of the mechanism disengages a wood pin on the front, allowing the box to open. The whole mechanism then acts as a handle to raise the top. See McDowell’s article on creating jewelry box interiors.

Walnut Buffet

Thomas Starbuck Stockton, Montgomery Creek, Calif.
A friend of Stockton’s came across a large slab of California walnut, but since he didn’t do much woodworking himself, he gave the wood to Stockton to see what he could do with it. Rising to the challenge, Stockton designed this buffet based on the style of Greene & Greene, although it’s not patterned after any particular work. The buffet features hand-cut dovetail construction and ebony handles inlaid with mother-of-pearl. The finished piece measures 34" x 14" x 47".
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