News & Views: Issue 98

Gain new SKILs

Woodcraft now carries two SKIL routers, a 10-amp fixed base, and a 14-amp two-based kit. The 10-amp model (#174808, $79.99) features a 2 HP motor, while the 14-amp model (#174809, $139.99) shown here, boasts 2.5 HP and includes both a fixed and a plunge base. An LCD display in the 14- amp router allows you to input the bit type and material to let it suggest an appropriate speed. You can also set the speed manually. Both units include ¼" and ½" collets, and micro-depth adjustment. The SKIL routers are available now online through and at participating stores.

WoodRiver makes the cut

Very few dado sets stack up to SawStop’s rigorous standards, but the company recently announced that Woodcraft’s WoodRiver 8" dado set has been approved for use with all styles and configurations of SawStop table saws. The announcement means the WoodRiver dado set passed SawStop’s thorough evaluation, making it only the sixth dado set to do so. It’s also one of the most affordable SawStop-compatible dado sets available. WoodRiver’s set is made in Israel from German steel and features carbide tips manufactured by Luxembourg-based Ceratizit Group.

Side table slip-up

In the Single-drawer side table drawing on page 33 of Issue #96 (Aug/Sept 2020), the side apron width should be 5" instead of the 4" dimension shown.

Easy access

The leftmost access line on the double tray template layout (Issue 97, Oct/Nov 2020, page 24) should have come from the top of that layout as shown here. The original line from the bottom of the template would be impossible to cut on most bandsaws, as the workpiece would run into the machine’s column. The corrected template is available online at

A little something extra?

Page 35 of the Aug/Sept 20 issue mentions that plans for “A lifetime tenon jig” can be found in onlineEXTRAS. The one pictured on page 35 appears to have a 45-degree feature that isn’t included in the online plans. That’s piqued my interest.

—Bill Schneider, via email

Senior editor Paul Anthony replies:

Good eye, Bill! One of the beauties of this symmetrical fence-straddling carriage jig is that each face can be outfitted for its own purpose. In this case, one face is outfitted for tenoning, and the other for sawing spline slots to reinforce frame miters. The online article focuses on the former, while the photo here shows the latter. Without a doubt, this dual-purpose jig is one of my most used table saw accessories. Plans for the spline miter jig are available in onlineEXTRAS. 

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