News & Views Issue 93: Dicey Vise Tip?

Nothing could convince me to put my router in a vise (Dec/Jan 2020) and turn it on. Isn’t that unsafe?

—Tila Talu, via email

Senior editor Paul Anthony replies:
Tila, if you’re concerned that the tool might jump from the vise, you can safely assure yourself that it won’t by testing the setup first with an unarmed router. Then exercise the same safety precautions that you do when using a table-mounted router. The small work surface is obviously not meant to support large work nor, of course, would you use this setup to make heavy cuts with big bits. This is really an impromptu configuration meant for small cuts on small pieces. 

That said, you are being sensible in avoiding any woodworking procedure that makes you nervous. There is almost always an alternative approach to something. And, as every woodworking publication points out somewhere: “Woodworking is inherently dangerous. Please exercise caution...etc. etc.” I applaud you for being someone who understands and appreciates that.

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