News & Views Issue 90: Faceplate Fixes

I liked the Top Tip in the June/July 2019 issue, but have an even better method for faceplate mounting. I use a piece of kraft paper cut to the same size as the mounting block and glue them to the blank using Titebond II. When finished, I wedge a wide chisel between the block and blank. The paper splits, and the blank pops free.

—John Crouse, via email

Contributing Editor Ken Burton replies:
I’ve tried your approach but found that the paper can shear if your tool catches, potentially resulting in catastrophe. This is especially true with beginners. I’ve taught basic bowl turning for years, and my students see more success with the added security of wood-to-wood contact between the blank and the mounting block. Since I switched to this method, I haven’t had any bowls come off the lathe prematurely.

But as with so many things in woodworking, there are several solutions to the same problem. You have something that works for you, and I hope it continues to do so.

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