New & Notable: Issue 11

(prices are approximate)

Make It Level

DeWalt Self-Leveling Rotary Laser

This exterior tool features a fully automatic horizontal self-leveling system for accuracy at plus or minus 1/8" per 100'. Features manual override option. $1,000

Clamp More Efficiently

Ultimate Clamp Pad  

Cushion, stabilize and elevate your work with this pad that magnetically adheres to standard ½" or ¾" pipe clamps. $10

Strive for Accuracy

Woodcraft Clamp Guides

These lightweight, easy-to-use clamp guides offer instant accuracy for cross-cutting and routing. Three sizes: 24", 36" and 50".  $30-$40

Cut Straight, Splinter-Free

Festool Circular Saw TS 55

Do straight, splinter-free cuts on both sides of the blade, right out of the box, with this saw and guide rail system that features a retractable blade. $430;

Sharpen, Grind, Polish

JoolTool K12 Warrior Sharpening System

You can sharpen, grind, polish, sand, lap and deburr with this compact, multifunctional sharpening system. $280

Clamp With Flexibility

Bessey 4" VarioClippix Clamp  

The unique design of this clamp allows you to create an infinite range of openings up to 4" with constant, firm pressure at all openings. $7;  

Measure With Ease

Spring-Loaded Digital Caliper 

Make quick, accurate measurements for stock thickness, fitting joints or other tasks with this caliper you can fit in your pocket and use with one hand. $70

Cut Perfect Circles

Milescraft TurnLock Router Circle & Edge Guide 

Cut accurate circles and arcs up to 51" in diameter with this guide. Mounting or dismounting your router takes only seconds. $35;

Dismiss the Dust

JDS Cyclone Dust Collectors 

Available in two sizes, these compact, powerful dust collectors offer easy waste removal. 2HP, $1,000; 3HP, $1,495;

Sharpen for Precision

DMT Diafold Sharpener

This double-sided sharpener offers extra-fine diamond (1200 mesh) on one side and patented unbreakable CeraFuse Ceramic (2200 mesh) on the other. $36; 

Keep Clean Quietly

Fein Turbo I Vacuum

Keep your shop clean with this powerful but quiet vacuum that can be used wet or dry and offers an automatic on-off switch. $289;

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