Hot New Tools & Accessories Issue 22

The Woodcraft Product Development Team has been busy uncovering new items to help you work wood with more precision and safety.

Holding Power Wherever You Need It
Magswitch Universal Magnetic Featherboard

Keeping workpieces secure while using my table saw is now as easy as twisting a knob with Magswitch’s Universal Magnetic Featherboard. Two 20mm rare earth magnets featuring "on/off” switches let me locate the featherboard quickly on any steel or castiron surface. And the two contrasting feather orientations give me flexibility regardless of the feed direction. I also used the Universal Magnetic Featherboard on the outfeed table to edge-joint stock.  Other applications include bandsaw and shaper work. A real plus for me is that the pressure can be pre-loaded against the workpiece by locking one magnet “on,” and then pivoting the   featherboard toward the fence or table and locking the remaining magnet in place.

Woodcraft Tester: Peter Collins


Big bits for solid-wood doors (and more) 
CMT Entry and Passage Door Router Bit Set

Thanks to CMT's entry and interior door bit set, you can now use a 2-1/2 or 3 HP table mounted router instead of a heavy-duty shaper to make a traditional mortise-and-tenon door. The set includes a sticking bit, a tenon cutter, and a flat-topped coping bit. To make a door, use the tenon bit first to mill the ends of the rails.  Next, use the sticking bit to shape the inside edges of the rails and stiles. (You'll need to use a drill press or mortise to mortise the stiles.) Use the coping bit last to rout the shoulders of the tenons so that the rails fit seamlessly against the stiles. The tenon-cutting bit is useful even when you're not in door building mode. In addition to tenons, you can reposition the bit's cutters and spacers to rout ship laps, tongue-and-groove edges, or spline slots.

Buying the three-piece set, plus a panel-raising bit, is a serious investment, but if you're willing to do the work, you can mill a houseful of doors and get a tenoning bit that's good for other projects for about the price of one custom door.

Woodcraft Tester: Peter Collins

These items are no longer available however they were reviewed in this article:
Pinnacle Story Sticks
Rhino 6' Folding Rule
Bolder Bond Polyurethane Glue

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