Hot New tools & Accessories Issue 21

The Woodcraft Product Development Team has been busy uncovering new items to help you work wood with more precision and safety.

A Pyramid Scheme for Finishing Tasks
Painter’s Pyramids

Typically, when I apply finish to a project I usually have to wait until the top half is dry before I can finish the bottom. Not any more. With these nifty, non-stick, plastic pyramids I can support a project or project part off a potentially dirty work surface, spray or brush, and then flip the project or part to finish the opposite portion. I found they work equally well elevating coffee tables and chairs when I need to finish the bottom of the feet. The pyramids are impermeable to solvents and have rounded tips that won’t mar your work or finish. They’re inexpensive and will save you time on every finishing assignment.

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Woodcraft Tester: Kent Harpool

These items are no longer available however they were reviewed in this article:
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Jac-Pac Regulator Kit

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