Hot New Tools & Accessories Issue 19

With summer vacation over, it’s time to return to the shop. Check out these handy new products recommended by the Woodcraft Product Development Team.


Grip Odd Shapes on the Lathe Nova Soft Jaws
I turn a wide variety of items on my lathe so I’m always looking for a way to hold odd shapes. These Soft Jaws, made from high-quality soft nylon, can be turned with regular lathe tools to fit virtually any size or shape so you can securely hold those odd sized or shaped pieces with a Nova chuck. What I like most is that now we woodturners have a safer, faster way to secure blanks compared to rigging up special jam chucks or glue blocks.
Woodcraft Tester: Tim Rinehart
Outside dia. (closed) is 4.7". Fits all Nova chucks.

These items are no longer available however they were reviewed in this article:

Sorby Woodturner's Smock
Sonin 4-in-1 Multi-Function Detector
Lathe Safety Magnetic Safety Switch
Vacuum Clamping System

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