From the Bench: A few differences to be found

A few differences to be found

In woodworking as in life, about the only thing you can count on is that nothing stays the same. Whether it involves swapping out a tool in your shop for a more capable one, or modifying your techniques because you learned something new, change is inevitable. And now change is coming to your favorite woodworking magazine. After 16 years, Chad McClung has moved on to other challenges, leaving me at the top of the masthead. Along with that comes some additions to our pages that I hope you’ll enjoy.

This time around, you’ll find a new department: Woodworking Finds where we’ll point out things we stumbled across that deserve recognition. In this issue, we’re highlighting two books we think you’ll like, one brand new, and the other a little older. In the coming months, look for more books as well as other media, destinations, and events relating to the craft we all love.

Also, in an effort to expand beyond what fits on our pages, we’ve started offering enhanced reviews of some of the tools we highlight in our features and in Great Gear. Take a moment to check out Derek Richmond’s review of his Easy Wood turning tools, and Sarah Burton’s in-depth test drive of the LaserPecker 2 engraver.

What hasn’t changed is our commitment to helping you become a better woodworker. To that end, we’re still bringing you exceptional plans for thoughtfully designed projects and proven techniques from highly-skilled craftspeople. Check out Sarah Marriage’s marvelous Hayrake Table. If you start now, you may have it ready for your Thanksgiving feast. Or try your hand at the Heirloom Dresser along with its Dovetailed Drawers. On a smaller scale, the Cake Stand makes good use of an inside-out turning trick. Or build the Ball Ramp to have a curiosity to share over the holidays.

As always, thank you for reading. I’m looking forward to my new role in continuing to make this your go-to resource for woodworking advice. I hope you enjoy this issue, both the new parts as well as those you’ve come to expect from us. If you have any suggestions as to what else you’d like to see, or how we can improve, please hit me up. I’d love to hear from you.

Ken Burton, Coordinating Editor

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