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Basic Box Making BY DOUG STOWE 

In his fourth book devoted to box making, Doug Stowe offers the woodworking reader eight new projects that teach several tech niques and skills related to crafting boxes from wood. A professional furniture designer and an expert carver, Stowe began making boxes in 1976 as a means to keep busy in between furniture com missions. “Little did I know at the time that box making could become such a passionate pursuit for me and thousands of other woodworkers,” Stowe writes on his Web site (dougstowe.com). He shares his box making skills with other woodworkers through this book and three earlier ones: “Creating Beautiful Boxes with Inlay Techniques,” “Simply Beautiful Boxes,” and “Taunton’s Complete Illustrated Guide to Box Making.” Stowe arranges the projects in his new book by level of difficulty: simple lift-lid box, rustic treasure box, sliding-top pencil box, stationery box with hidden splines, lap-cornered box, fold-out jewelry box, jewelry box with slid ing tray and dovetailed box with a wooden hinge. Each project begins with a short introduction that describes the box followed by an illustra tion, materials list and step-by-step instructions and color photos that guide the reader through the build ing process. “Work Smart” boxes offer tips for avoiding problems and saving time and materials while special sections explain how to accomplish tasks specific to a project such as cutting a perfect miter or making lap-corner joints on the table saw. The reader who completes all eight projects will learn how to cut box joinery, resaw stock, use sleds and stop blocks, make dividers, bases and lids and adapt designs. In the final section in each proj ect, Stowe covers design options – a basic theme that begins in the introduction where Stowe encour ages box makers, once they gain confidence in their work, to begin using their imaginations. He sug gests they ask themselves what the box would be like if it were made from: a different wood, with dif ferent joints, larger, smaller, or maybe with more overhang on the lid. “The question ‘What if?’ can challenge and engage a box maker for years of adventure. It has for me, and I hope it will for you as well,” Stowe writes. This 154-page softcover book from The Taunton Press sells for $19.95. A companion DVD is avail able from Taunton, also for $19.95. (800) 888-8286 taunton.com

Success With Biscuit Joiners BY ANTHONY BAILEY 

The author calls the biscuit joiner – created by Swiss inventor Hermann Steiner – woodworking’s best-kept “open secret” and recommends it for all woodworkers regardless of skill level. “Apart from the router, the joiner is the perfect place to start from; it makes simple jobs even simpler and complex ones possible,” Bailey writes in the introduction to this book from the Guild of Master Craftsman Publications in the United Kingdom. He first introduces the biscuit joiner: what it can do besides biscuit joinery, safe usage and what differentiates 21 mod els made by 19 manufacturers (including Steiner’s company). The techniques section covers basics such as planning joints and marking, as well as different ways of using the biscuit and using the router as a joiner. Projects, designed for the shop, include T square, L-jig, storage case, work ing table and dust collection drop box. The 176-page, softcover book sells for $19.95. (212) 532-7160 sterlingpublishing.com

Basic Fishing Lure Carving BY GREG HAYES 

Learn how to carve Pro Runner, one of the author’s favorite wooden fishing lures, to use on your next fishing trip or to give as a gift. An Alabama woodworker and fisherman, the author devotes 42 pages of this 64-page book to step by-step directions (each with its own photo) for making the Pro Runner lure. Along with a list of tools, supplies and materials for the project, he provides drawings for construction of three helpful structures – a drill guide block, an epoxy stand and a paint stand. Directions for making a box for your brand new lure are also included, plus plans for a lure you can carve on your own and a gal lery to spark your imagination. The softcover book from Schiffer Publishing Ltd. sells for $14.95. (610) 593-1777 schifferbooks.com

Foolproof Wood Finishing BY TERI MASASCHI 

Put yourself – not your products – in control of the finishing process by using the practical information provided by the author in this easy-to-follow reference book illustrated with many excellent color photos. Finishing instructor Teri Masaschi has considerable experi ence building, restoring, conserv ing and refinishing furniture over nearly four decades. She begins her book with the basics – tools and materials, safety and plan ning. Next she gives extensive step-by-step directions for making test samples to demonstrate the many wood preparation, color ing and topcoating tasks. She also includes her favorite finishing reci pes, a gallery of finely finished fur niture and tips for furniture care. This 192-page softcover book sells for $19.95. (800) 457-9112 foxchapelpublishing.com; (800) 225-1153 woodcraft.com

The Penland Book Of Woodworking: Master Classes In Woodworking Techniques 

This attractive volume showcas es 10 talented furniture makers who have taught at the Penland School of Crafts: Craig Nutt, Paul M. Sasso, Michael Puryear, Curtis Buchanan, Doug Sigler, Brent Skidmore, Jere Osgood, Jenna Goldberg, John Clark, and Kurt Nielsen. “What we hope to create is a technical and inspirational resource for anyone interested in contemporary woodwork ing practice,” writes Jean W. McLaughlin, director of the Penland School of Crafts, in the introduction. For each artist the book includes a personal essay, color photos of the artist’s work, step-by-step instructions in a particular technique the artist uses, plus a gallery highlighting other artists who use the same technique and have inspired the featured artist. The 224-page hardcover vol ume from Lark Books sells for $35. (212) 532-7160 sterlingpublishing.com

Woodworking 101 For Women BY MARILYN MACEWEN 

Women, wood and tools are not mutually exclusive. Self-taught woodworker Marilyn MacEwen demystifies woodworking for women by pre senting the knowledge and skills needed to work wood successfully in this 208-page volume. MacEwen shares her experi ences when first entering the tra ditionally male-dominated wood working field and offers words of reassurance to women who are interested in learning to work wood. The book begins with the basics of wood (including finish es), followed by an introduction to tools, techniques and 13 furniture projects to hone beginning wood workers’ skills. The author’s simple directions are accompanied by lots of color photos and diagrams. This softcover book sells for $19.95. (212) 532-7160 sterlingpublishing.com

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