Roaring Rocker

The dimensions are exactly as the plan.

Most of the frame is made from Pine as are the wheels, however I sourced lots of used timber, to keep cost down and to add interest.
The front mudgauard is from Elm as is the headlight. Elm is now very rare in the UK as a disease called Dutch Elm Disease has more or less wiped out all British Elm trees.
The petrol tank sides are Mahogony as are the exhausts and mufflers, we call them silencers.
Some of the small details for instance the rear bolt axle are Teak.
The front forks are from English Oak. This English Oak is from a 14 Century cottage in Devon and some of the original beams were probably from timbers of Sir F Drakes fleet of ships. We believe the Oak was once part of the  building and know for a fact that for the past 150 years was part of a well covering. So we like to think it was once part of his fleet!!
The seat side panels are Ash.
The engine and gearbox parts are also oak but leftovers from a new oak floor laid in the cottage recently!
Finally the tank filler cap is from a wood called Willow. It is the wood used for quality cricket bats, an English game similar in some respects to baseball. The whole family are cricket lovers and it makes a good conversation starter!
The tires are stained pine and the whole bike is finished in gloss varnish.
You will see I added foam covered in leather for a seat. (from a old armchair).
The R.Rocker was finished just in time for Christmas and took about 6 weeks, evenings and weekends.
I am very pleased with the finished Roaring Rocker and I know my Grandson loves it. It is much admired by friends and relatives and numerous people are dropping hints about how their son/daughter/niece/nephew/godson etc would love one!!
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