Picture Perfect Wooden Frame Jewelry Organizer

Last summer I ran across two really nice, wide picture frames (free!), and I immediately had an idea to upcycle them as jewelry organizers for my teenage nieces. This is also an easy gift idea for Mother’s Day, Christmas, or a birthday.

With some chicken wire (or more technically, hardware cloth), simple hardware, a dowel rod and knobs, you can create a beautiful jewelry holder for your favorite fashionista in no time!

Step 1 - Gather materials

You will need:

Picture frame
Chicken wire/hardware cloth
Spray adhesive
Wire snips/cutters 
Staple gun and staples
Fabric/heavy scrapbook paper
Cup hooksknobs
1/4ʺ Dowel rod
Picture hanger
Spray paint
Black Dog Salvage Furniture Paint
Heavy cardboard
Paint brush or foam brush
Latex gloves (for painting)
Small handsaw
Drill driver and bits
Pliers, screwdriver, vise grips

STEP 2 – Remove old photo and glass from the frame.

Remove staples from the back side of the frame, take off the back, and remove the old photo (if applicable) and the glass. If you are able to salvage the frame’s backer board, do so.

In my case, the cardboard backer was glued to the frame so it didn’t make it through the disassembly process. I scraped off what I could with a putty knife (knowing it would be covered) and purchased a new piece of heavy cardboard (or mat board, in the framing section) cut 13ʺ x 15ʺ at Pat Catan’s Arts & Crafts Store to use later in Step 4.

STEP 3 – Cut and paint.

Cut the chicken wire to fit the inside of the frame using wire snips (mine measured 10ʺ x 12ʺ), and cut the dowel rod to the width of the frame with a small handsaw.

Paint the chicken wire with the spray paint. I used a color that coordinated with the knobs I found on clearance at Woodcraft.  Spray paint the brass plated hooks and the dowel rod to match also. I used Rust-Oleum Hammered spray paint in Brown. 

Lightly sand and paint the frame. For frame 1, I used two coats of the new Black Dog Salvage Furniture Paint in Clean Canvas, plus a light brushing of Clean Canvas mixed with a drop of I Need A Bandage to make a pale pink. Then I added a shimmer of General Finishes Pearl Effects in Champagne Pearl.

Frame 2 has two coats of That’s Gonna Leave a Mark with a dry brushing of Champagne Pearl  to add a little glisten over the purple. I added a coat of Guard Dog Satin Topcoat over each frame as a protective finish.

After cutting to size, the rods and screens were spray painted to match the knobs. 
Frames were lightly sanded and painted, then received a little shimmer from Pearl Effects.

STEP 4 – Back of frame.

Attach the wire to the inside back of the frame using a staple gun. I discovered that this type of wire really isn’t straight but that kind of adds to the whimsy of these organizers!

I bought two “fat quarters” at JoAnn Fabric to use as my backer material. Quilters love fat quarters, which are precut 1/4 yards of fabric that come in tons of colors. I used a purple polka dot for one frame and a white-on-white paisley print for the other (which unfortunately, doesn’t photograph well, but it’s really cool).

Using your salvaged backer board or new heavy cardboard the same size as the outside edge of the frame, attach the fabric to the board with repositionable spray adhesive. My mat board was white on one side and plain on the other, so I wanted the white side to face out. I used Krylon Easy-Tack to adhere the fabric to the cardboard side.  Cut off any excess fabric around the edge with sharp scissors.

Cut fabric the same size as the backboard, then attach with the print facing out with spray adhesive.
To allow room for earrings to hang without being right up against the fabric, the backer board is stapled to the outside back of the frame.

Staple or glue the covered cardboard to the back outside edge of the frame with the “right” side facing the chicken wire. If you decide to glue it, I recommend at least adding staples to the corners. You could also use scrapbook paper, contact paper or wallpaper on your backer board.

Note: I attached my back board to the outside of the frame because I wanted to allow space for earrings to hang between the wire and the back.

Attach a sturdy hanger on the back strong enough to hold the completed organizer loaded up with jewels. Two hangers would be even better so the frame remains level even if the jewelry is heavier on one side.

STEP 5 – Hardware and knobs.

Space out the knobs on the bottom edges of the frame, and mark where you want them. I drilled a 3/16ʺ hole for each and screwed them in, tightening them by hand.

The dowel rod can rest on two cup hooks. I drilled a 1/8ʺ pilot hole for each cup hook and tightened them with vice grips. That’s a great spot for bracelets, rings, hairbands, and watches.

Drill holes for the knobs and screw them in. Add cup hooks on the bottom for more places to hang things.
Now you have the perfect place to hang necklaces, earrings, scarves, lanyards, keys and more!

I added more cup hooks on the bottom of the shelf in between each of the knobs. This makes a nice place for more necklaces, scarves or lanyards.

Tip:  When purchasing your cup hooks, make sure your frame is thick enough so the ends of the hooks don’t poke out the back side of the frame.

Last step is to load it up with jewels and enjoy!

Let Woodcraft help you with all the supplies and know-how for your next project. Stop by your local store or visit our website. 

We hope you’ll be inspired!

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