Making a Live Edge Table Is Easy with Woodcraft’s New Product Line

Live Edge Timber slab components and steel “V” legs were used to create this eye-catching table.

Live edge furniture that brings a touch of nature into modern home décor is very popular today. More and more people are also spending time at home and creating things by hand. With these trends in mind, Woodcraft added a new line of products that enables customers to handcraft their own unique live edge furniture, regardless of skill level.

Woodcraft is partnering with the Live Edge Timber Co. from Quebec City to provide customers with specially prepped slab components and legs that can be assembled easily into many attractive combinations for everything from tables of all kinds to benches, desks, kitchen islands, headboards and shelves.

“At Woodcraft, we believe ‘Together, We Can Create Anything®,’” Woodcraft President and CEO Jack Bigger said. “Live Edge Timber’s customized slab components and legs are the latest additions to Woodcraft’s product offering that make it easy and enjoyable for anyone to create useful and attractive home accent pieces.”

Woodcraft Product Manager Kyle Meyer summed up the benefits for the customer who chooses Live Edge Timber products: quick and easy to assemble – slab components have predrilled pocket holes, legs come with hardware and instructions; do not require a lot of tools or skills; may be mixed and matched to create a variety of pieces; can be stained or finished to suit the creator’s tastes; and do not involve a lot of expense.

"V" Slab Legs in black.

Rhombus (intertwined) Slab Legs in raw steel.

Bench Legs with Back Rest in raw steel.

Three leg styles are available – “V”, Rhombus (intertwined), and Bench in black and raw steel. Rustic Maple Center Slab Components and Live Edge Slab Components harvested in Canada are available in two sizes that can be combined to create many different sized configurations.

Slab components are custom-made with pocket-holes already drilled on one edge for easy joining with pocket screws, and legs come with screws and instructions for attaching to slab components.

Rustic Maple Center Slab Component.

Rustic Maple Live Edge Slab Component.

What a fascinating line of products. I can already envision a desk, a dining table and a shelf system that would make my house more efficient!  What can you see for your living space?


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