Storage/Display Opportunities: in Furniture, Along Walls and in Hidden Places


This travel trunk from the 1970s is now a reimagined family heirloom storage trunk that fits well into any room and offers a “home” for magazines, books, blankets, and more.



Finding more space to store and display all the “stuff” used for day-to-day living, as well as life’s pleasures, can be an adventure that ends with everything in its perfect place. Woodcraft can help you with a few ideas to kick-start your space hunt and then suggestions for tools and supplies to make your storage projects successful.

Small tables with enclosed storage underneath, chests and trunks that provide seating, benches with built-in storage, beds with built-in space underneath or in the headboard, and kitchen islands with concealed nooks are all options to manage “stuff.”

In the kitchen, add drawers to the space (toe-kick) beneath lower cabinets to store rarely used items. Shelving and bookcases, either built-in or freestanding/open or enclosed, will transform unused wall areas or sections of large closets into instant storage for a wide range of items. Nooks cut out of the wall and covered by pictures offer one of many concealed storage options that also include nooks or drawers in the sides of enclosed staircases.


Tailor-made Storage with Cubby Cube Connectors



The storage unit pictured above was constructed using all three connector shapes. You can see the L connectors at the corners of the top, while the cross connector is visible in the center of the top. The T connector is used along both sides except for the very top and bottom. Cubbies fasten with the included screws; no joinery required.


L-style Cubby Connector

T-style Cubby Connector

Cross-style Cubby Connector


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We hope this helps you discover new storage options that work for your home, whether it’s a small apartment or a two-story house. Once you have a plan, Woodcraft can help with tools, supplies and advice.

Does anyone ever have enough storage space?

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