You Gotta Know How To Hold 'Em

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Everybody’s into poker these days. 

 Those of you who haven’t fallen victim to the craze yourselves probably at least have family members and friends who look forward to the occasional game. 

Now, I don’t know if you ever searched for poker chip trays before, but from what I can tell there are only very basic cases made of plastic, oak, or pine. Unfortunately, these mundane models lack the elegance to match the glorious array of custom poker chips they are intended to house. So let’s fill that void by making a poker chip tray that any self-respecting poker player would be proud to show off at the next game.

My poker chip trays are designed to satisfy both form and function. Each tray houses 100 standard chips and features grooves on the underside that allow the trays to be stacked during play. The chip slots themselves are round, rather than square, giving the trays visual interest while keeping the chips secure. As an optional feature, small rare earth magnets are located on each side so that tray pairs can be sandwiched together for easy storage and transport.

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