WoodRiver Panel Cart - Product Overview

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The WoodRiver® Deluxe Panel Cart makes it very easy to get your material from your truck bed or trailer to your table saw with minimal effort. The tilting carriage adjusts from a low horizontal height of 31-1/2" to a maximum 39-1/2" to fit most table saws. The large frame adjusts from 18" wide x 36" tall to 18" wide x 45" tall to support even full 4 ft. x 8 ft. sheets of plywood. Pivoting feet can be stowed out of the way when the cart sits idle and then locked in position to quickly go to work carrying the next load. The lower cart assembly uses two 4" locking swivel casters and two 4" swivel only casters to provide rolling support to a compact but sturdy 16"-wide x 18-long frame that very easily fits through doors as narrow as 24". Don’t worry about loading down this cart because it will comfortably move up to 250 pounds of sheet material.

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